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Cloud Slime Recipe and Instructions - STEM Club Kids Make and Play with Cloud Slime
Brainfuel Toys STEM Club

Cloud Slime Recipe and Instructions - STEM Club Kids Make and Play with Cloud Slime

Making Cloud Slime is a sticky, squishy, stretchy way to have fun and learn science! Our Brainfuel STEM Club scientists had a great time with the activity, and you can too! The Cloud Slime recipe only requires a few ingredients – white glue, water, baking soda, saline solution and food coloring (optional) along with a packet of instant snow. Simply mix together and watch as a new polymer forms! Get the free downloadable and printable recipe for Cloud Slime here: After you make your own batch of Cloud Slime, show us your science! Use the hashtag #brainfueltoys and share an image of your experiment so we can see how it all turned out. The texture of Cloud Slime is really unique, and it will react differently depending on how you play with it. So, experiment with stretching, bunching, molding, folding, rolling and squishing. Does Cloud Slime feel different when you do different things to it? What other experiments can you conduct with Cloud Slime? And if you’re curious about the reasons slime is so strange, Brainfuel STEM Club has all sorts of additional resources explaining the science behind slime, along with bonus slime recipes here: If you enjoyed making Cloud Slime and want to know the moment our next experiment is available, don’t forget to join the Brainfuel STEM Club! Sign up at Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages too! Facebook: Instagram:
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