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Connecting People Through Technology

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Through my experiences helping nonprofit organizations, small businesses, online retailers, and educational institutions, I have learned the importance of delivering information that resonates with your community.  
I apply a backwards design process. This means I ask questions to understand your goals and desired outcomes first, and then work backwards from there. Along the way, I apply a flexible theoretical framework to guide the development, testing, and evaluation of the designs. With decades of experience in education, technology, and communications, I have a versatile toolbox for your instructional design, e-learning, or business consulting needs.

In 2024, I completed my doctorate in education. My research interests include social media and educational engagement, science literacy, learning communities, and critical thinking.

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This was the most enjoyable lab I've experienced in all my years of schooling, very engaging without being too demanding and we had the absolute privilege of traveling out into the Ashland natural environment. On top of all of this, the interaction between students for the lab was really friendly and cooperative, very free-flowing and easy-feeling.

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