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How to Share Video on Discord

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Discord is a free chat platform that is increasingly popular among teachers and students. It is being used as an instructional tool for teachers and to provide opportunities for social interaction among students. Most of the communication happens in the server’s text channels, but voice channels offer additional features, including screen sharing and video streaming.

Watch Video Together

Share video in a voice channel on Discord.

During online learning, teachers assign dozens of videos to view, and it’s useful to watch and discuss them together for group projects. One way to do this remotely is by using Discord’s screen sharing feature. Here is how to share a video for your server members to enjoy.

  1. Join a voice channel in your server.

  2. Click the screen icon.

  3. Choose which application or window you want to share.

  4. Click “Go Live” to start streaming.

  5. Friends can view your stream by joining the same voice channel.

Troubleshooting Video Sharing

If you are having problems with your video showing as a black screen, here are some things you can try.

  1. Check your settings by clicking on the gear near your username.

  2. Click on Appearance.

  3. In the Advanced section, turn off Hardware Acceleration.

  4. In the Voice & Video settings, turn off H.264 Hardware Acceleration.

Try turning off hardware acceleration if you’re having trouble sharing video.

It’s not quite the same as hanging out and sharing popcorn on movie night, but it’s fun knowing there are friends sharing the experience.

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