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Five Features of Dyno Bot for Discord

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Discord bots are used for a wide variety of functions in Discord servers. It is possible to set up and use Discord with the native commands and functions in the app. The basic software includes functions that can be used by the server administrator to invite, warn, and otherwise manage the members and how the server is used. For a small group of friends or classmates, moderation and server housekeeping tasks can be managed with the built-in tools.

Server size matters

For larger servers, or those that attract thousands of users from around the world, the work of engaging users while maintaining the server community can be very time consuming. Discord bots can help by automating common tasks, and also by adding some fun features for users to enjoy.

Dyno bot has been installed on 3 million servers (source:

There are thousands of Discord bots available, but I will look at one here, to give some examples of what bots can add to servers. The bot I’m featuring here is called Dyno, because it is a popular bot that includes most of the common tasks a server administrator needs. There are many others that function similarly. Here are some functions you can use if your server has Dyno bot installed.

Five Dyno bot features for Discord

1. Remind me. This is a helpful feature! If you don’t have a fitness tracker or smart watch to yell at you for sitting too long, you can have Dyno remind you to get up, make a phone call, or turn in an important project.

Set a reminder with Dyno bot.

2. Poll. People love expressing opinions, so you can build and deploy simple polls using Dyno. This is handy for choosing a meeting time, picking a favorite movie, or settling a debate. Polls are also a low-effort way to break the ice with newly formed groups.

Pick a side in this poll.

3. Roll the dice. Need a quick D20 roll? Dyno can do that. Just combine the ?roll command with the type of die you want to use (d4, d8, d10, d12, d20, d00), and the bot will return your result. Good luck!

Roll the die.

4. Dad jokes aren’t just for dads. They are perfect for the times when you need something to break the monotony of reading research papers, but not as distracting as actual humor. The lukewarm lasagna of jokes.

Dad jokes aren’t all bad.

5. Cat, because this is the Internet. Dyno also recognizes commands to search for ?dog, ?pokemon, and ?pug.

Dyno found a cat.

Bots for music, games, and more

Of course, these are just examples of what bots can do on Discord. There are bots to help find and share memes, music, look up information, play server games, integrate Tweets and content from other platforms, and more.

Some bots are especially engaging, and make it possible to gamify participation in the server. Others allow users to select teams or Hogwarts houses, and they can earn points together by participating in server activities. If you don’t find a bot that does exactly what you need, you can learn how to create a customized bot for your Discord server. Do you have any favorite Discord bots or useful features to share?

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